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VOTING MEMBERS donate a minimum of $500 ($1,000 if you are an organization/entity) annually to seed our Grant Fund.  Members are invited to join our monthly calls and vote during our grantmaking meetings, and are invited to all WFAR events.

FOUNDATION MEMBERS donate at least $5,000 annually to seed our Grant Fund ($10,000 if you are an organization/entity). If you would like to join us as a Foundation Member, please contact us at or donate a minimum of $5,000 through the link below.

All Members have one equal vote, whether they give $500, $5,000, or $50,000. All Members also have an equal opportunity to join WFAR committees.

Meeting Schedule

Our monthly Member calls take place the first Monday of each month and are open to all Members. The calls are automatically moved to the following Tuesday if that Monday is a holiday.

Our Grant Review meetings are in May.


Supporters donate a minimum of $100 per year.  Supporter donations will help WFAR give more money to underrepresented groups and individuals in the vegan movement, and you will see where the funds went after each voting round (May of each year). We really appreciate your donations. Supporters will be invited to all WFAR events, but are not eligible to participate in monthly member calls and voting.


A Well-Fed World is our fiscal sponsor. Please submit your donation HERE.  You will not be considered a Member unless and until you submit your donation in the applicable amount specified above.  If you would like to donate by check, please make the check out to our fiscal sponsor, A Well-Fed World, and put “WFAR DONATION” in the memo line of your check and mail to:

A Well-Fed World: 3936 S. Semoran Blvd #271, Orlando, FL 32822

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*Womxn Funders in Animals Rights is an inclusive group that seeks to empower womxn and other groups historically underrepresented in leadership in the animal rights movement. Womxn make up 80 percent of the animal rights movement, and the leadership of the movement should reflect that. If you are not a womxn or a member of a group historically underrepresented in leadership in the animal rights movement, but wish to financially support our mission without formally becoming a Member of WFAR, please donate.