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Grant Eligibility and Guidelines

Grant dollar range: $1,000 to $10,000 USD.

Basic Eligibility:

  1. We only accept applications from not-for-profit organizations with a mission of advancing animal rights and/or promoting veganism.
  2. We do not accept applications from organizations led by cis-men.
  3. We only accept applications from organizations with an annual budget of $500,000 USD or less.

Basic Eligibility Explained:

  1. WFAR is a vegan organization. We seek an end to the exploitation of animal life and center this mission in our grantmaking.
  2. WFAR considers organizations that are fiscally sponsored.
  3. WFAR was created to leverage our collective resources to uplift women-led animal rights and vegan organizations. 
  4. WFAR focuses on small, grassroots organizations. We prioritize organizations with small budgets that are systemically underfunded. We seek for our contributions to open doors to additional funding.
  5. WFAR reviews the gender and racial/ethnic backgrounds of leadership and board of directors of organizations.
  6. WFAR reviews applications in English. Organizations are encouraged to reach out to Vegan Hacktivists or a translator to ensure that their application is understandable to WFAR members.


Funding Priority Areas
  1. New not-for-profit organizations
  2. Small not-for-profit organizations
  3. Organizations operating by and for communities of the global majority 
  4. Organizations operating in low-income communities
  5. Organizations focusing on farmed animals and animals used in industry. We value companion animal shelter and rescue work, but it is not our focus.
  6. Organizations or programs that are working to fill gaps in the current movement.


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