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Open Call

Open Call for Training Submissions

Open Call.  WFAR will provide a variety of trainings for the benefit of our members and our grantees.  We are seeking trainers/speakers knowledgeable and passionate about DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and/or Intersectionality in the animal rights movement (AR), or trainings that are otherwise of benefit to women and/or other groups historically underrepresented in leadership or funding in the AR movement.  If you are interested in providing one or more of these trainings, we want to hear from you! We encourage women and members of other historically underrepresented groups to send a submission.

Submissions. Your submission should be submitted through our contact form here.  Your submission can be as informal or formal as you would like, as we wish to make this process as easy as possible, in consideration of your time.  Please include, in your submission:

  • Your preferred training topics, in descending order of preference (this is to ensure that if your topic is covered by another trainer, you may be considered for another topic). We would like our first training to be about DEI and directed toward funders in AR, so if you have experience in that topic, please let us know.
  • Your availability for such trainings (particular months/days/hours, etc.)
  • Whether the below “Content and Format” work for you, or whether your training would deviate from it (and if so, how).

Content and Format. We preliminarily envision that each training would be along the lines of the following:

  • The trainings should be mutually beneficial to both WFAR and the trainer. In exchange for educating WFAR’s members and grantees, the trainers provide a glimpse of the services they offer, which will hopefully inspire WFAR’s members and grantees to hire (or suggest hiring, to their employers) the trainers for further, more in-depth training.
  • WFAR would pay a fee of up to $500
  • Each training would be a webinar, given the geographic spread of our membership, which would be recorded for future WFAR members and grantees to view.
  • Each training would be approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, roughly allocated as follows:
    • 45 minutes of instruction
    • 15 minutes for Q&A
    • 15 minutes of self-promotion for the trainer (e.g. what the trainer can offer in future trainings to other companies, nonprofits, or individuals)
  • Each training would include:
    • Concrete action items that attendees can adopt
    • Suggested reading

Topics and Collaboration.  In addition, although the trainings will likely necessarily and naturally overlap to some degree, we hope to minimize such overlap.   Ideally, the trainings would progress along a continuum.  Accordingly, although there is certainly no requirement to do so, to the extent you wish to suggest collaborations with other trainers/speakers to offer complementary courses (e.g., 101, 201, and 301 webinars that build on each other, which can include beginning to advanced courses, or macro to micro topics), we are interested in hearing such suggestions.

Deadline: This is an open call, as we wish to continually provide these trainings.  That said, we are hoping to have a series of trainings beginning in the summer of 2020, and would appreciate receiving submissions by June 15, 2020.